I wonder what ‘meme’ means?

Here is the first post in a new series about modern expressions.

A Very Modern Dictionary defines meme (noun) as ‘an image, video or piece of text that is usually humorous in nature and is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.’

According to Lifewire, the majority of internet memes originate from 20-something millennials, the age group super-connected with social media. But Generation X and Baby Boomers are coming on board with using and enjoying memes.

Here are some examples of memes:

Modern expression, meme. Pic of baby punching air and saying WON A FREE COFFEE...WITH A FREE COFFEE.

Modern expressions - meme. Pic of hamburger made with sweets. Says DO IT YOURSELF GLUTEN-FREE HAMBURGER.

Modern expression, meme. Pic of Star Trek captain saying ALCOHOL FREE BEER? THAT'S LIKE VITAMIN C FREE ORANGE JUICE.







Just in case you’d like to have a go at creating your own memes, here are some free applications:

Meme Generator

Meme Maker 

Canva Memes




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