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Have you ever listened to a conversation and realised you don’t understand what people are talking about? It can be awkward to interrupt and ask for an explanation. You don’t want to come across as ignorant or out of touch. But honestly, there are so many new words and expressions cropping up all the time! Perhaps a recent gift I received will help us out.

Pic of book, A Very Modern DictionaryLast month, a group of friends gave me a new book. It’s called A Very Modern Dictionary, written by Tobias Anthony and published this year in Melbourne. It is a cute little guidebook that is full of new words, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations.


An offering, from me to you

We can sometimes feel a bit excluded in a conversation if we don’t recognise the words. So, I thought I would share some of the entries in A Very Modern Dictionary with you.  I’ll include those that I may have encountered in the hope that you have heard them too.

Do you have a new word or expression that you’d like to share?

Perhaps you can contact me with any new words or expressions you have come across and I’ll see if they have been included in this great book. Please do this through the sign-up form below.

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(PS ‘sadiculous’ is a mixup of sad and ridiculous. It means something is sad – in a ridiculous way.)

Source:Tobias,A.(2017)A Very Modern Dictionary, Melbourne, Smith Street Books.
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