About me

How did I become an editor and copywriter?

Years of formal academic study, combined with over thirty years in the workforce, nurtured a range of skills – including providing strategic advice and designing communications for senior personnel. Specifically, I developed expertise in editing (structural and copyediting), and copywriting (content, correspondence).

During the last five years, I have sharpened my focus to writing and helping other writers, through copywriting and editing. After completing professional development in the field of editing, I officially stepped into the role of freelance editor. Since 2017, I have experience working with authors of both fiction (short stories, poetry, novels) and non-fiction (memoirs, recipe books, self-development, management). The end result? I have contributed to the publishing of more than a hundred manuscripts in the last five years.

What do I write about?

Anything! I love to research a topic, collect different points of view, and summarise what I find. One of my favourite topics is writing about my cohort. That is, women; in particular, women ‘of a certain age’ who often express dismay about becoming invisible, unnoticed, as they age. So in response to this sentiment, I have started to collect some great stories that I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

I love to write tips and hints for your writing. I hope you enjoy my own story about being an avid reader as a child.

I also compose Easy Read documents, working with Inspired Services. Easy Read is a method of presenting written information to make it easier to understand for people who have difficulty reading. Therefore, it aims to meet the needs of people who are not familiar with English, or who have low literacy or learning disability.

What have I studied to bring me to this role?

I love learning and have attended universities in three Australian states, studying English Literature, European languages, social work, public sector management, editing and publishing, business management, teaching English to speakers of other (ie non-English) languages, training and assessment. So, as a perpetual student, I continue to learn.